ISF Waterloo International School is holding a series of events and presentations commemorating the Battle of Waterloo.  We are committed to educating both the parents and students in the rich local history which significantly shaped the whole of Europe 200 years ago.As part of this series we are delighted to have Mr Mick Crumplin to give a presentation entitled “THE BLOODY FIELDS OF WATERLOO” – Medical Support for Wellington’s Greatest Battle.

Mick is a retired surgeon. He is also an expert on military medicine and surgery during the Napoleonic Wars.  He will explain the Battle in stages, highlighting particular medical issues the military faced during this time.  He has published several books and advises media on the human aspects of conflict as well as chairing the UK Educational Group for the Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary (

The presentation will take place Monday 18 May at 2pm in our school auditorium. Please email or phone the School Office +32 2 358 5606 by Friday 15 May if you wish to attend.