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Brilliant Cambridge YLE results!

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 28 May 2015

    The results are in! ISF Waterloo students did a fantastic job in their Cambridge Young Learners Exams! All of the students scored higher than last year. 11 of the 24 students sitting the exams scored 100% and 92% of all the students scored an average of 95%. This is an outstanding performance and […]

Upcoming Summer Fair/ Open Day Saturday 20th June

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 26 May 2015

ISF Waterloo’s annual Summer Fair/ Open Day will be held this year on Saturday 20 June.  The school will be open from 11:30- 3:30pm.  Come and join us for a day of fun activities, games, good food and drinks for all ages.  Any prospective families are welcome, we will be conducting tours of the school […]

Our students Battle of Waterloo questions chosen to be answered by Dan Snow

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 24 May 2015

ISF students Alexis in IGCSE 1 and Niti in MY1 had their Battle of Waterloo questions chosen by Dan Snow and answered in his live presentation.  Check on the link out and learn more about the Battle. The questions from our students were: “Do you think that Napoleon’s defeat was due to bad luck or […]

Mrs Yates and her team receive a special PMI award

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 21 May 2015

20 May PMI Beligium held their Chapter meeting in ISF Waterloo. The theme for the night was Change Management in Schools. Mr Jacques Neyns, Educational Liaison Officer of the Project Management Institute of Belgium, together with the School’s leadership team presented step by step the change process introduced at ISF Waterloo this school year in terms of technology. Mrs […]

Mick Crumplin speaks to Secondary students about Battle injuries

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 18 May 2015

As part of the series of events organized by ISF Waterloo to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, the secondary students attended a presentation by Mr. Mick Crumplin entitled “THE BLOODY FIELDS OF WATERLOO” – Medical Support for Wellington’s Greatest Battle. Mr. Crumplin is a retired surgeon and an expert on military medicine […]

MY1 Observational Drawing

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 11 May 2015

          MY1 students are exploring the elements of art that are found in nature through observational drawing of plants! They are already preparing for their end-of-year examination: jungle design inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau.

Mother’s Day Gifts!

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 11 May 2015

  “Mothers make the world a little softer, kinder and warmer.” ISF Waterloo wishes a wonderful Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

Cambridge International Exams inspection with excellent results!

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 7 May 2015

On Thursday 7 May, we had a ‘spot’ check from Cambridge International Exams.  We passed with excellent results.  We thank our Cambridge exams office Ms Kate Morrison for her thoroughness.  Good luck to all of our IGCSE and A Level candidates.


Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 4 May 2015

ISF Waterloo International School is holding a series of events and presentations commemorating the Battle of Waterloo.  We are committed to educating both the parents and students in the rich local history which significantly shaped the whole of Europe 200 years ago.As part of this series we are delighted to have Mr Mick Crumplin to […]

Sports Day Fun

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 1 May 2015

The entire school enjoyed the annual ISF Sports day on Friday.  The students took part in fun activities in their house teams.  There was lots of cheering and supporting their team.  In the end the winner was Herge the Blue team- well done! Thank you to Mrs Hodges for organising a great day.