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Just released: Bulletin article-ISF will collaborate with St Paul’s!

Posted by Belinda Yates Date: 4 April 2017

Following our exciting announcement that St Paul’s British Primary School will join forces with ISF Waterloo, Bulletin journalist interviewed Mr Kevan Keegan; ISF Chairman and Ms Orla Mc Loughlin; newly appointed Head of School at St Paul’s to find out what it will mean for both schools. Read the Q&A article here

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Hadeeqa Batool Date: 3 April 2017

To celebrate the Spring and the last day of Term 2, ISF students took part in a Spring Bunny Hunt! All of Primary was matched with Secondary buddies to help them take part in the fun activities of the day! The older students were amazing and supportive and the younger ones had a great fun […]