ISF continues with our annual Thought Leadership Programme, bringing inspirational and interesting speakers to our school to share their knowledge and vision with us.
The second speaker in this programme is Sophie Bruno. The title of Sophie’s presentation is ‘How to get children to eat well‘ and will be held on Tuesday, 23 January at 19:30 at ISF Waterloo International School.  Sophie holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Surrey (UK) and is a registered dietitian in both the UK and Belgium. Sophie has been working for the past few years at the Berlaymont Health Centre in Brussels where she holds a private clinic with the general public on a range of clinical areas to support clients in meeting their nutrition and health goals.  Sophie is passionate about interpreting the complex and often confusing landscape of nutritional science and assisting her clients in making small, attainable and impactful changes to eating habits and food choices to bring about long-lasting health benefits. Sophie combines working as a Dietitian with working for a consultancy in Brussels in the field of nutrition and health policy. 
Nutrition during childhood and adolescence represent a crucial period in life which sets the young up on the right path for a healthy life. Not only does nutrition and lifestyle hold the power to influence health, wellbeing, growth and development, but it is also an important time for shaping children’s relationship with food and the creation of healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.  
Any parent who has struggled to get their child to eat certain foods will benefit from this presentation which will provide you with practical tips and strategies to optimise your child’s diet by drawing on the latest research.
The workshop will cover:
  • Healthy eating for children– understanding and using the new Belgian food pyramid and dietary guidelines
  • Critical vitamin and mineral requirements during this important time of growth and development
  • Easy lunchbox and snack ideas for the whole family
  • How to promote health eating habits in the home
  • How to be a savvy shopper. Learn to navigate the supermarket and read food labels to make healthier choices.

Everyone is welcome!  Simply email to register by 22 January.

Invitation – How to get children to eat well