On Friday 6 February, the Primary Assembly theme was Astronaut Training!
Before starting on the training Ms Orla announced the February birthdays and all these students got a present from the birthday box. Ms Orla then read out the Golden Book and all the students named there for special achievements got stickers. Star of the Month was awarded to Charly Rehane.
DSCN2527Mr Tomas DSCN2559and Class 6 had prepared an Astronaut Training Course for everyone to try!
The students first saw a short video from Real Astronauts to show what is important when training to be an astronaut and what other students around the world are doing for training.
The students then got to train on Balance, Resistance, Gravity, Fine Mobility, Power, Reaction Time and Agility.
After finishing the training each class got a Train Like an Astronaut Diploma!
It was great fun!DSCN2528
A Big Thank You to Mr Tomas and Class 6 for arranging this!DSCN2544