This Month’s Primary Assembly theme was the Human Skeleton!
Before Class 7 started on their presentation Ms Orla read out the Golden Book which details the student achievements for the month. Ms Orla then announced the March birthdays and all these students got a present from the birthday box! Ms Orla also announced that the school will host a Football Tournament at the end of March!
Star of the Month was awarded to Chiara Quintieri. Well done Chiara! 
Class 7 presented what they’ve learned about the Human Skeletal System. The primary students met the resident skeleton Mr Albus and Class 7 introduced the different parts of him.
Class 7 then guided all of the primary students to their places to create a massive model of the skeleton on the gym floor.
Making of the student skeleton was a lot of fun and looked great!
Thank you Class 7 and Mr Seán!