The theme of the first Primary assembly of the school year on Friday was Brainwaves.

First Ms Orla read out the Golden Book which awards students for good work and politeness. All

the students that had their birthdays this month received a gift from the birthday box! Star of the

Month was awarded to Mariam Osman Hussain, Congratulations!

Classes 4 and 5 then presented their IPC unit Brainwave. The gym was set up with a sports

corner, memory games and optical illusions. The students got to try all the activities doing

tongue twisters, looking at images that look like they’re moving, sit in a circle where you need to

remember and repeat what the person before said and “Chinese Whispers” to understand how

information gets modified when different people tell a story. It was great fun and very interesting!

Thank you to Ms Arancha, Mr Ben and Classes 4 and 5 for arranging it!