MUN Day 1: First Impressions

MUN Bilbao is under way with the opening ceremony taking place in the beautiful Bizcay Parliament in Gernika. The students were welcomed by traditional Basque dancers and speeches from Ana Otaduy, the President of the Parliament, and Tamara Zabala, the UN Deputy Director of Human Rights for Spain, who welcomed the delegates and advised them of the need, and difficulty, of multilateral diplomacy.

Ten of our students from ISF Waterloo are attending; below are some of their first impressions:

“At first I was quite reluctant about how things were going to happen. When I saw that we were all in the same boat I felt a little better. Let’s see what’s next…” -Esther

“The opening ceremony was a great opportunity to learn more about the MUN. The speeches made by each country were interesting and very well-prepared. Despite knowing I’ll barely get any sleep, I look forward to the rest of the conference :).”-Sarina

“I was really nervous; my palms were sweaty and I was disoriented. But when I stood to deliver my speech I got lost in it: it was simply marvelous.”-Michael