On Thursday 16th October the Flemish Parliament had a 100 year commemoration ceremony for WW1.  The ceremony expressed gratitude for the contributions and sacrifices that the soldiers and civilians of the UK and Ireland  made to liberate Belgium a century ago. It was also an occasion to bring Parliaments from around Europe together in a tribute to all the young men and women who died in the war and to strengthen bonds. There were Speakers of the national and regional parliaments of the UK and Ireland, House of Commons, House of Lords, Northern Ireland Assembly, National Assembly for Wales and Scottish Parliament.

At this commemoration 2 students from ISF Waterloo Libby Aylward (Class 7) and Ahmed Kabba (A Level) were invited to come and read poetry from WW1 before the group of dignitaries.  They both read beautifully and were congratulated by all who attended.  They were then invited into the Parliament and to a photography exhibition about WW1.  It was a big honor for ISF Waterloo!  Well done Libby and Ahmed .photo 3 WW12 WW14 WW15 WW17 (1)WW16