On Friday 27 March ISF Waterloo hosted the Bicentenary Football Tournament. Teams from ISF played against St Paul’s Primary School and BEPS International.

It was a wonderful day full of great football, fair play and making new friends.



All the students showed great sportsmanship, supporting and encouraging each other to play well. BEPS International won the trophy at the end of the day, we congratulate them on their win and hope that we can all play together again next year and have a chance to win the trophy back.

IMG_5052A big thank you to our Cheerleaders, who supported all the schools throughout the day. We thank St Paul’s and BEPS for taking part and for making the day very special.


We also thank all the parents who came to support their children and finally a big thank you to Ben Thumwood and Ms Orla McLoughlin for organising this great day.