Following the Public Security Alert closures on Monday and Tuesday this week, I am delighted to announce that ISF Waterloo International School reopens tomorrow, Wednesday 25 November at the usual times.  

I am also delighted to confirm that our Winter Show, on Friday 11 December will still be going ahead, with rehearsals continuing immediately. We will however require that all people wishing to attend the Show must pre-register with the School Office or online via the Google Forms which will be emailed this week. As usual all people attending must be signed in on the day and security checked.

Please however note that, with immediate effect:

  • We have suspended school trips until the end of this term.
  • We have cancelled usual permission for A Level students to go off school campus throughout the day.
  • Only after-school clubs and activities that are supervised by staff will be allowed to take place.
  • Students on campus after school must be in supervised study, garderie, or participating in a club.
  • We have cancelled all external bookings for use of the school premises, such as our sports hall.

Please also note that both Rhode and Waterloo communes maintain a lower level of Security Alert than the Brussels Region, which is on Level 4. Our local communes are at a Level 3, still higher than two weeks ago, so continuing public vigilance is required.

All public schools locally are now officially open, and from tomorrow 25th November so are all Brussels Region schools, as well as the Brussels Metro transport systems, including buses and overground trains.

Please plan for some delays at the school gates for the rest of this week, especially during drop off and pick up times, as we introduce the additional security procedures which we sent out to all families last weekend. These are sensible precautionary measures, as our school and our local community has not received any direct threats. We will enforce these measures nonetheless, and they will remain in place until further notice.

If there are any changes to the situation you will be contacted by email around 18:00 or earlier if possible, and implement our phone chain procedures.  We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Belinda Yates, Head of School