At ISF Waterloo International School, we are hosting a series of inspirational talks and presentations in English.  The next in this series is a talk by Dr. Karen Dobkins.  Dr Dobkins has a PhD in Visual Neuroscience, with over 20 years of experience working with children, from infancy to adolescence.  She has studied the development of visual sensory, cognitive and emotional processing.  Her most recent research focuses on the effects of the sensory environment on visual development and mental well-being.
Using principles from developmental Neuroscience and Psychology, she has advised on living/daycare spaces for children, with the goal of enhancing sensory experiences and mental well-being.  During this talk, Dr Dobkins will present results from research studies in her laboratory, which tell us what sorts of visual stimuli young children can detect the best, and which stimuli they prefer to look at.
We feel this will provide a unique opportunity for both child care providers and parents to gain an insight into the sensory development of babies and toddlers, and how best to stimulate them using colour, shapes and texture.
Please feel free to invite friends and colleagues to this event.  We know many people will find this interesting so please pass this invitation on and if possible place on relevant notice boards at your place of work.
We do kindly ask that you RSVP by 8 April either or telephone: 02 358 5606.
Please note that only people who have pre-registered using either of these methods will be allowed entry to attend on the night.  ID’s will be checked upon arrival.  We look forward to welcoming you then.Invite KD