P1020977MY 3 Community and Service.

All this week as part of their community and service MY3 students are selling poppies. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance. It’s history in short stems from the First World War. At the end of this war many of the fields of battle in Flanders became red with the flowers of the poppy. Soon after the poppy was adopted as the symbol of remembrance. The work MY 3 students are doing is for a charity called the British Legion.  It is a charity that helps and looks after injured soldiers and their family.  It also looks after the families of those who have died in conflicts.  The money we raise selling the poppies goes to this charity who then use it in many different ways, giving advice, support, helping soldiers recover from their wounds, and giving the family of an injured or killed in action soldier, a holiday, are just some examples.  To get your poppy you can donate as much as you would like. MY 3 students will be selling the poppies at the beginning of school, lunch times and at the end of the day.